Tactical Procurement

J Hart Solutions provides tactical apparel and equpiment in challenging envioroments.

We understand the procurement challenges inherent in operating in complex environments and strive to provide our clients with a full turnkey solution, allowing them to focus on their own business operations confident in the knowledge that all of our solutions are high quality, compliant and fit for purpose.

High Quality

We understand the challenges in operating in conflict affected states, this doesn’t stop us importating quality brands.

Our main area of expertise lie in the procurement and importation of medical, tactical and safety products and solutions. Having established exclusive distributor and partnership agreements with top brands such as North America Rescue, Portwest, 5.11 and many others. J Hart Solutions has built its reputation on quality, trust and ability to deliver in the most challenging of situations.

Custom Made

J Hart Solutions provides a range of uniform and clothing options, primarily aimed at the Private Security and Oil and Gas markets. We work closely with brands such as 5.11® and Rothco® and other textile manufacturers to provide quality, durable and cost-effective products in bulk. Where required, items can be supplied branded to support corporate identification efforts

Our Tactical Procurement Benefits

We provide high quality procurement in challenging lead times delivering to the most complex of enviroments. However, we never let our standards drop.
  • Trusted, first-class equipment.
  • Cost-effective tactical equipment solutions.
  • Flexible across a vast range of enviorments.
  • Subject matter experts at hand.